We started our vegan footwear company in 2018 with a passion to provide animal friendly shoes and boots and we have quickly established ourselves as one of the most fashion forward in the vegan community. Indeed, our vegan ranges are now sold around the world including the US, Canada and Australia. You do not have to harm an animal or the planet to have great looking shoes and boots.

There is another way – the V.GAN way.




Our entire range is free of all animal products and workers in our vegan approved factories are protected by employment and safety laws. We are an animal and human friendly company.

However, you do not need to be a vegan to enjoy our PETA approved vegan products. Whether you are thinking about joining the vegan revolution, new to it, or have been following a plant-based lifestyle for years, they are designed for everyone to wear. By wearing and supporting our little brand you are helping to spread the important vegan message throughout the communities you live in.




We also care for the environment and sustainability. At V.GAN we believe any goal of sustainable development and production is to meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. That is why we use zero plastic and glue in our recycled packaging and fabrics made entirely from ocean waste. Our vegan leathers are high quality, vegan certified and are also eco-friendly.




We have carefully handpicked a selection of incredible vegan brands to join us on our website.

We hope you enjoy our little edit.